About Me

Jason Boswell - Multimedia JournalistHaving worked in a variety of different media, including broadcast; online and print,I have developed a broad base of journalistic skills from some of the world's most renowned media organisations. 
As part of a new wave of multimedia journalists I do not limit myself to a single facet of journalism but am able to independently deliver high-quality journalism whether in a written, video or an audio slideshow format. I have the experience and skills necessary to capture and edit still and video images, as well as audio, using a variety of industry-standard software.

Following degrees in journalism from the University of Pretoria and a post-graduate degree from Stellenbosch University, I have worked across several platforms covering a variety of subjects including news, politics, environmental and scientific issues, entertainment as well as travel.

As a freelance photojournalist I have the ability to shoot powerful and meaningful images. In addition to my working experience I have also studied the visual aspects of photojournalism so as to make the best possible choices from agency pictures in order to supplment photostories in either a print or multimedia format. 
 My articles, photos, videos and multimedia pieces have appeared in several publications, and news websites,  including CNN Traveler magazine, Die Burger, Beeld, BBC Online, The Times, Project MX and Submerge.